Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FX Con Photos

FX Con photos- thanks to all who said hi, and made it goodz!

FX con 09


p.s. Sorry for being so distant this past week. Some serious personal issues have kept me away. It's been a tough week and half... but it looks like things can go back to normal...ish.

Monday, April 13, 2009

FX Con this weekend! + Archaia comic news!

First off- this weekend [April 17-19th] me and Lindsay Cibos will be sharing a a table at FX Convention! We should be at table 75 [if we read the form correctly...!] and i'll have a few new prints, and i'll be doing on site commissions. Don't forget you can pick up all sorts of goodies from Lindsay too! She'll have copies of Peach Fuzz and soooo much more!

:) Come out and see us!!!


Archaia Family News:

Awakening heads on over to DCBS!

Over at DCBS (Discount Comic Book Service) they are offering Awakening with an EXCLUSIVE PRINT signed by Alex Eckman-Lawn at the unbelievable discount of 45% off cover price!

Making the book only $10.97!! Including the sweet sweet print!!!

And the best part? They ship internationally.

How can you say no to that?

Like that sweet cover design? Never heard me rant on and on about how awesome Awakening is? Go and head over to Nick's Journal on Deviant Art for more information!

Mmm speaking of sweet art, check out a page from Awakening! -

Now onto Titanium Rain!

Josh and Kat Finney just posted a
PREVIEW video for Titanium Rain!! Check it out!

Other Archaia books for pre-order [all coming out in June]:
Some New Kind of Slaughter Hard Cover
The Killer #10
Robotika 1 & 2 double sized issue

Also don't forget Patrick McEvoy and crew at the Ninja Mountain Podcast are still doing their very excellent podcast on being in the art industry! Be sure to give it a listen!!


I think that's it. [i'm always forgetting something.] Hands are still massively hurting- though thanks to everybody who have commissioned me recently.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FX con, Awakening , and others!

It's coming soon! FX Con!!!

If you're going to be in the Orlando area-
Me and Lindsay Cibos will be sharing a a table there this year at FX Convention this April 17-19th.
Come out and see us!!!

Also my buddies who do Awakening are having their first graphic novel come out! Go read about it at Nick Taplansky's blog! [he talks about our other friends' comic books too!] Be sure to go order those books kids!

Next month The God Machine will be hitting Previews! Wooo! Keep an eye out- it's gonna happen this time i swear!


p.s. sorry for my lack of updates recently, the carpal tunnel is intense currently.