Monday, February 23, 2009

Mega-con & Anime Express 09

This upcoming weekend is Mega-con!
Feb 27th - March 1st

I’ll be in Artist Alley; Burgundy 8A section. I'll have stickers and prints! So come and see me and say hello.:)

Also following Mega-con is

Anime Express, March 13-15, 2009. I'll be in Artist alley with my cousin Lindsay Cibos, and my best friend Ana Aesthetic. More details later. :)

That's it for now.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NYCC 09, and the small gaggle of photos

Didn't get to take too many photos at NYCC. My hope was to take more on Sunday of my friends, have adventures in NYC on Monday, and take lots of pics with my girls... but sadly my plans were taken over by the sickness. Oh well!

Least I have a lil' something. ^^;

NYCC 09 photos @ Picasa


Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey guys!

So NYCC went well, ....well minus getting sick. Oh boy has this been a dozy. I still feel under the weather, and it's been 9 days of me having this beast! It hasn't been pretty.

Anyways thanks to those who made it out to the con, said "hi", picked up some prints, etc.

My trip wouldn't had been anything without my Kim, Cassandra and Niki. They are my girls eternally.

Also had a lot of fun with my Archaia family - Nick, Alex, Dave R. and A. Dave. Also met the new boss man, PJ. Speaking of which, this brings me to good news about The God Machine!

Discussed things with PJ, and we both agreed on a July release date for the first issue of The God Machine to come out. After that the book will probably go straight to graphic novel [to be announced when that will be released.] Which, wow! how exciting is that? My story will do better in a graphic novel format anyways.

Which means, i will be attending SDCC this year, and my book should be released at that show. :)


Speaking of conventions...

Feb 27th - March 1st

I’ll be in Artist Alley; Burgundy 8A section. Which is only a few weekends away! I'll be selling a special print not seen in NYCC! [hopefully, if it works out] And i'll have more room to spread out with new stickers and such! So come and see me please!


Again, updated my web-site,, with links and an extended pic as seen here.


Notable links:

Go check my dear friend, Patrick McEvoy, [artist of Starkweather, an illustrator for Marvel, plus much more!] and co.[ Jeremy McHugh and Jon Hodgson] have a podcast that I highly recommend! And it's all about art too!
From fantasy art, illustration, and comics!

Their words-

"It's a podcast about art and the business of art, from the point of view of our Deadly Ninja Art Squad."

Ninja Mountain Podcast [they have 3 episodes up]


Facebook Terms of Service change! Important info that will effect you:


That's it for now.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NYCC booth # Confirmed

Ok, it has been confirmed that I will be at the Kunoichi booth #949. [click link for con map]

So for all of you going to New York Comic-con, please, do come out and see me! I have new prints i'm featuring, barely seen cover to book #2, stickers, and other things! So see you there. Let me know who you are if you know me- and remember i'm terrible at names and screen names [ i will bastardize it and/or not know it. Super sorry! My memory is always the pits!]

Remember, New York Comic-con, IS this weekend, the 6th-8th.

I leave for NY tomorrow, so internet access will be limited. I will be twitter my journeys and NYCC. So do follow me if you like Chan gibberish. ;)

-also, I now have purple hair [or if it's fucked, possibly black to cover it up.. heh.. here's hoping it is not!]

Also, updated my beat up old web-site,, with links and an extended pic as seen here. I like it, even if it's minimal. >_>;

I was going to tell you about all sorts of other things, but time is running out, and i need to pack. And the wine is getting to me.

See you at NYCC!!

-Chan go! is now updated. But it's merely a splash page with links, cause I rock like that. ;)