Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NYCC booth # Confirmed

Ok, it has been confirmed that I will be at the Kunoichi booth #949. [click link for con map]

So for all of you going to New York Comic-con, please, do come out and see me! I have new prints i'm featuring, barely seen cover to book #2, stickers, and other things! So see you there. Let me know who you are if you know me- and remember i'm terrible at names and screen names [ i will bastardize it and/or not know it. Super sorry! My memory is always the pits!]

Remember, New York Comic-con, IS this weekend, the 6th-8th.

I leave for NY tomorrow, so internet access will be limited. I will be twitter my journeys and NYCC. So do follow me if you like Chan gibberish. ;) twitter.com/spookychan

-also, I now have purple hair [or if it's fucked, possibly black to cover it up.. heh.. here's hoping it is not!]

Also, updated my beat up old web-site, spookychan.com, with links and an extended pic as seen here. I like it, even if it's minimal. >_>;

I was going to tell you about all sorts of other things, but time is running out, and i need to pack. And the wine is getting to me.

See you at NYCC!!


1 comment:

Nick said...

See ya tomorrow then, lady. I'll be working the booth from 5 - 7pm from what I'm told, subbing in for Smylie's early retreat.