Thursday, January 29, 2009

McEvoy and Crew, for you! :An Art Podcast

My dear friend, Patrick McEvoy, [artist of Starkweather, an illustrator for Marvel, plus much more!] and co.[ Jeremy McHugh and Jon Hodgson] have a podcast that I highly recommend! And it's all about art too!
From fantasy art, illustration, and comics! Marvel at these 3 professionals who have been in the business and have gone against the odds of the evil art world!! Well... not really evils... but art college does indeed suck! ;)

Their words-

"It's a podcast about art and the business of art, from the point of view of our Deadly Ninja Art Squad."

Ninja Mountain Podcast - Episode 1

regular site-




Patrick said...

Oh, my dahrlink, you have warmed my dark and silly heart!

Spooky Chan said...

yay! <---serious dark word!


Anonymous said...
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