Friday, June 19, 2009

Titanium Rain needs your help! + Primordia, TGM, cons?

Hey guys!

Dunno if you've heard, but the super sexy and amazing, "Titanium Rain," is coming back to the comic stands again!


I can't begin to recommend this book enough! [from amazing art, to a stellar story! -and it's not even a genre i'm into, but it completely had me wrapped around it's mastery of telling a damn fine story!]

So here's what i'm asking~

One of the problems that face the industry, is that most of the time comic stores don't know what's coming out, and can overlook an amazing book like this one and primarily stick to regular DC and Marvel books.
With the economy as bad as it is, stores are scaling back too! Even more reason why they may NOT carry Titanium Rain! :(

So the brilliant Josh Finney & Kat Roacha [creators of Titanium Rain] need your help with getting comic stores to order Titanium Rain-

It's pretty simple really-

1. Go to a local store (or two)!
2. Tell the store owner you want your copy of Titanium Rain #1!
3. The owner will want to know who publishes the book, and what IT"S PREVIEWS CODE is. You say:

Titanium Rain is on page 191 of the Previews catalogs, ORDER CODE: JUNE09 0698.

Then add:

Titanium Rain is published by Archaia Studio Press, the company who does MOUSE GUARD.

This last bit is important because it tells the store owner we're published by a legit company, and will also increase the chance of the store ordering more copies.

That's it! You have less than 2 weeks to get the word out. I believe in you guys- even if money is tight, we just need to get the word out!


Also! [and the same goes for this as well]

Order the first hard bound graphic novel of Primordia as well!!
(which is not only a kick ass book, but also features one of my pin-ups as well!)

Preview order code - JUN09 0695


There are so many other things going on. Currently [if you didn't read under my latest image over at Deviant Art, ]
My book, The God Machine, has been put on hold again, due to minor complications. It's looking like October might be it's new release, but not totally sure yet.

But i'm trying my best to try to have the book out for SDCC [which i'll be there!] and at LEAST for Dragon*con..... Did I just say Dragon*con? hmmm yes i did. Waiting for the official word on that one....

That's it for now.

Love you guys!

-chan <3

p.s. Did I happen to make a phone call to the Ninja Mountain podcast? Perhaps so...! [regardless, always an amazing podcast to listen to! Even when i'm not being silly! right Patrick?]

p.s.s. Don't forget Awakening needs love too!


Ninja Mountain said...

You are right! Ninja Mountain is always great, but with you calling in it became ONE BILLION TIMES more awesome than sex with chocolate.

-Patrick, God of Sneaky Ninja Love

Spooky Chan said...

Oh Patrick!!! hehehehe. <3

Jon said...


You are not allowed to use the Ninja Balaclava for posting on other people's blogs!!! Get a blogger account of your own dammit!

Er I mean thanks for the call and the plug Spooky Chan! :)

Ninja Mountain said...

OK Jon, FIRST you don't want me to post as Ninja Mountain, NOW you want me to stop doing it. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!111!!111!


Spooky Chan said...

you two are like a regular comedic duo!

-Jon, you're very welcome. [the conversation that ensued after my call was hilarious.] -and as always tons of love for the NM podcast and crew.

valium said...

I want to get ALL of these !!
Unfortunately I will not buy them from my local stores, I'll buy them online. Even with the insane s&h fees to Greece, they are still much much cheaper buying them online. :(

So sad your book isn't coming out as soon as you thought. I wish I could attend one of those cons and get a signed copy by you. oh well, I'll wait to order it.

till then TAKE CARE sweetie !!

Spooky Chan said...

Valia- Totally understandable!

*hugs* you're such a sweetheart. We'll have to see about getting me to send you my book personally in the future, ok? :)

Jon said...

@Patrick - Well when you break out logic like that I am utterly bested! I cede the field to you. Well played sir. Magnificently bowled.

@Spooky - who's joking? This guy is out here posting away, every post linking back to the show, people will click through, listen, and be VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! ;)

valium said...

I'll definitely send you my first [well third really, whatever-awful story] comic book, if/when I ever finish it !! you seem such an amazing, inspiring person :D

Kat said...

AH! :hug: you are amazingly awesome!!! Thank you.