Friday, July 3, 2009

Sullengrey, SDCC & Dragon*con!!!

First off, remember me talking about being the colorist on Sullengrey?
Well finally the issue with my colors on the interiors is finally coming out-

published by Ape Entertainment
pre-order from your local comic retailer using the code JUL09 0664

[COVER - lines by Drew Rausch, colors by Drew Berry.]

Written by Jocelyn Gajeway
Art by Drew Rausch
Colors by Chandra Free
Cover by Drew Rausch and Drew Berry

PREVIEW EDITION OF FIRST 30 PAGES HERE!!! [pssst! check out the posters in the backgrounds- i threw in lots of Easter egg types of things. I put a lot of work into those details no one will ever really see.]

More details/updates can be found over at

and i hear there might be a advance copy of it at San Diego comic-con...

speaking of San Diego....


San Diego Comic-con [July 23-26, San Diego, CA]

I will be at San Diego Comic-con this year at the Archaia [Studios Press] table.
---I'm hoping to have an ash-can [aka mini-comic] out for this convention [which is a stand alone, in cannon, God Machine NEW story too! Also limited run, and numbered.], i'll also be doing simple commissions, i'll have prints and other goodies [courtesy of DRD of Peoples Republic of Venture <3] for you guys to get!

If there is any particular piece of art you'd like to see as a print, let me know. I make prints probably in the next 2 weeks.


Dragon*con [Sept. 4-7, Atlanta, GA]

So for the first time ever, yours truly will have a table at Dragon*con! So if you miss me at SDCC, be sure to see me on the East coast. :)
Also, same as SDCC, i'll have the ash-can, prints, commissions, and goodies!!! And who knows.. maybe i might just finally have The God Machine as well- [this, i'm attempting to make happen... no promises...]


More details on table numbers later-
Time to go back to breaking my hands on the Ash-can...! ;)

Lot's o love!
[hope to see you guys at the cons!]


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