Monday, September 14, 2009

A week later, and finally recovering from Dragon*con!

Sorry this took so long, but I've been on a secret project this past week, and finalizing some last minute touches to a certain book~!

Dragon*con was a blast! For my first time behind the table there I was pleasantly surprised how well received THE GOD MACHINE was, and how adorable you guys are! I tried out "Crazy Crayon Commissions" for the first time, and they were a smashing success! [I will be bringing them back for sure, though at a lil higher price since they broke my hands, ouch!]I also did some pretty niffty commissions that I rather liked.

Even if I was more than 75% at my table, I did get to have adventures! I saw my friend Doc Hammer's band, Weep, perform, saw the Venture Brothers panel, talked to people at Rusty's Day Camp about how i make comics, and LOTS of drinking happened on the first day [oops!].

I got to see many of my friends and make new ones too! I met Peter Steigerwald [hyper cool colorist and illustrator over at Aspen] and the very cool McCartney! [also met tons of other people too!] Also saw my friends David Petersen, and Jeremy Bastian~! Not to mention the ever cool, and always amazing DRD [who, without I'd be lost.]

Course I had my beautiful husband, Jim, my best friend Laura, and Misha to help me with my booth when I couldn't be there and needed someone to keep me company. I don't think I could have done it without them! <3

So that's it for now! Playing catch up and working hard now.

I've also uploaded tons of photos to my facebook account [visible to all, if not yell at me and i'll upload them to some other spot.]

More news later~ lots coming up!!


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