Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Message Board for The Masses!

Hey everybody!

My friends A. Dave Lewis and Saurav Mohapatra have just launched a new message board, Beyond the Bleed to promote the discussion of comics, and give a forum [ha ha] to creators to talk about their process, thoughts, and projects!

Currently lots of Archaia creators inhabit "the Creatorium"
Patrick McEvoy, Kat Rocha, Jason Becker, Tom Pinchuk, Mark Smylie, yours truly of course, and many others!

Come check it out!
The Creatorium

-So please sign up. This is where i'll be having my message board discussions for now. So if you have questions, insights, musings, whatevers about my comic and work, please feel free to talk about it in my section. And please do participate in the other discussions in the main boards, and say hello to your favorite Archaia creators. :)



Anonymous said...

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Spooky Chan said...

Shame you went anon- but thank you! :D

Anonymous said...
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