Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1 WEEK to Order GOD MACHINE, Dragon*con + Interviews

You only have one week left to order The God Machine!!! Ask your local comic book shop to order it, or get it over at DCBS

Remember it's VERY important, [and it'll always be important] to PRE-ORDER THE GOD MACHINE with your local comic shop! It informs my publisher there is a need for my book [you know, so they keep me on for later books etc.] and also informs Diamond Distributors that it's something they want to keep solicited. It also tells them how many books to print, and also if you order through your comic shop they'll ACTUALLY have it there!!! Remember kids, I have an indy book, and comic shops don't naturally pick up these titles because they are more riskier to sell than say your Marvels and DCs. If you don't do this now, or for future books, there might not be a GOD MACHINE at your store. [this applies to all indy comics btw.]

It's a hard industry, and there is a reason why a lot of titles don't make it. It's really up to you guys to be proactive! [I know, I'm not much of a proactive person myself.. it sucks!]

AUGUST 31st is your deadline!! Go order THE GOD MACHINE: Preview!!!!


Dragon*con is FASTLY approaching!! Sept 4-7th in Atlanta, GA.

I'll have prints, mini comics, commissions, stickers and other goodies! If there is a particular piece you'd like to see as a print, please tell me! [my gallery for choices]

I can't wait to see you guys!!


More interviews!!!

I was on Comic Geek Speak recently talking about The God Machine, Photoshop and Star Trek?

Episode 882

Go listen now!!! <3

And a new Interview over at CBR:
"Archaia Unleashes THE GOD MACHINE"

That is it!


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