Thursday, August 6, 2009

Go forth and order THE GOD MACHINE + Other Archaia Comics

Heads up! The God Machine is finally making its way to the presses!
This October!!


BUT! In Order for it to make it to your comic shop, you have to tell your shop you want it!!! [and that you need it!] Please don't expect it to just show up, because sometimes comic shops don't order all comics. I know, It makes me sad to. :(

Print this out-
by =SpookyChan on deviantART and take it to your comic shop! Help give them an idea that this is the book they need to order for their shop. [please!!!]

Now don't be fooled by the "Preview" title. I assure you that there is a full issue full of lush colors and bonus pages! [With never before seen bios!] None of that sample page dealy stuff. This will satisfy your God Machine cravings!! Think of this as just a "preview" of the main course, the GRAPHIC NOVEL!

What will you be getting in this-
The God Machine; "Preview"
[includes first full chapter, and bonus art work/bio pages]
48 pages
Previews Code: AUG090638
Publisher: Archaia
Coming: October
Mature Audiences

So there ya go! It's finally going to happen!!
Go forth and order! I'm counting on you guys!

Also! If you don't have a comic shop, or you're international [or whatever the case may be] you're in luck! You can go over and order it at DCBS right now! [*note you'll still be getting the book in October.]


Wait? What's that? Need More comics... Yes, yes you do need more comics!!!

Me best matey, Mr. Patrick McEvoy [artist] and my other very good friend Dave Rodriguez [writer] have a hard cover coming in October as well!!

Starkweather : The Immortal [from Archaia too!]
They have a Order ticket as well-

Starkweather preorder coupon
by ~PatrickMcEvoy on deviantART
[same deal as my book, print it, take it to your local comic shop, and order! Also their on DCBS as well!]

Still not enough? Need something NOW?

Well why not the ultra sexy Awakening Hardcover? It drips with the amazing talents of my dear friends Nick Tapalansky & Alex Eckman-Lawn!

I've been praising this book forever, and it's finally in a hardbound edition that's amazingly beautiful. mmmm existentialistic zombish noir! Go get it over at Amazon, or your local book/comic store. Or yell at the book store to order you a copy!

And even more gratifying for getting something right now, we have my new friend,
Josh Fialkov and his Kindle comic, Tumor! You can get it on Kindle, or read online. See Josh's page for details!


Don't forget!

DRAGON*CON!! Sept 4-7th! I'm a guest! Come see me please! I'm working hard on getting advance copies of the God Machine for this convention! [you heard me right.] But I can't promise anything... but sources say- more than likely!!

That's it kittens!

Love you guys!


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