Sunday, August 2, 2009

SDCC 2009, the aftermath of Epicness!

And so... another Comic-con has come and gone. What a delightful time it was too! I saw many of my dear friends & colleagues [some whom I only knew online], connected with fans, and added to my collection of hyper cool convention stories.

It must be said, that the Archaia group is just amazing. I love all of those guys so much. Even with a restructuring, it's still the same family. From our creators, to our staff, to our lovable interns- there's so much to love!

I have to keep this brief due to the fact that writing is hard on the hands.

The panel I was on, was a surprising success! I wish there was video of the first half with Nick Tapalansky & Alex Eckman-Lawn [Awakening], Josh Fialkov [Tumor] , and myself [The God Machine], but sadly no one has found this yet. :(

After all of us we're done, Zachary Quinto and his production company “Before the Door Pictures,“ came on to present their 2 new books, Mr. Murder is Dead and Lucid. [Which they are doing with Archaia.]

After they presented their books it was time for Q&A... uh oh! ^_~
All questions were for Quinto and Co.... minus one. A dear sweetie, by the name of Kat, who is a fan of mine did the ballsy-est things I've ever seen. She did not ask “Before the Door” guys anything, but her question was pointed towards me! I had no earthly clue til that moment. I was floored! Mr. Stephen Christy [Archaia] encouraged me to come up and answer in front of everybody. This also happened to be the perfect opportunity to give Mr. Quinto my little print of Spock

by =SpookyChan on deviantART

So before I took the question I gave the print, and turned to take the question. You can see it all here-
[I come in at about 4:40 mn]

Anyways, as you can tell I was very dorky. But no one said I was a good speaker, I just make pretty pictures and write stories away from the public. It was super cool to meet Mr. Quinto that way. [I adored him as Spock, since i'm a big Star Trek fan throughout, hence my answer.]

A big thanks to Kat for getting up there, and making my convention a memorable one! -You rock girl!
Other bits of news, me best matey, Mr. Patrick McEvoy did some interviews at SDCC for the incredible “Ninja Mountain Podcast”, which features yours truly, and featuring Steranko, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Dave Rodriguez, Mark Smylie, etc. Go listen to it! [pst! This link is a direct link to the show]
*also I apologize for being so giggly and inapt at talking... did I mention I don't get out much?

ALSO! The biggest announcement to come out of this trip, was to find out that OFFICIALLY my book, “The God Machine,” is coming out this October!

ORDER IT! [pretty, pretty, pretty please!!!!!]

by =SpookyChan on deviantART
[see image, and under it for more info]

More follow ups on this to come!

Last, but not LEAST!

DRAGON*CON!! Sept 4-7th! I'll be a guest. Come see me please!
Also I have 2 tickets for sale [both are for 4 days , @ $100 a piece] I need to sell these!!! I bought them before I knew i'd be a guest. :( If anybody is interested contact me at – I accept paypal. This is the going rate for tickets right now. But you'd be helping me out if you purchased them from me!

Thanks guys!!

I think that's it... I wish I could go into all the wonderful moments and all the incredible friends and talent I got to pal around with. But this will have to do.

Thanks to all who stopped by, bought a print, mini-comic, or just stopped by to chat!

Also, a few photos over at myspace.

Love you guys!


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